WHEN WE WERE NATURE: I started to create this project when I moved to Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve discovered lots of places where a feeling of timelessness and serenity dazzled me; I felt the rhythm of nature; I felt an ocean so powerful and purifying; I’ve heard trees whisper my name…

    When We Were Nature is a collection of silver gelatin prints. The photographs, in their own simplicity, celebrate the connection of nature and woman; spirituality, wildness and warmness so greatly presented in both - nature and woman. 

    The project When We Were Nature is related to the project Super(Natural) Woman. The difference is in presentation. Super(Natural) Woman is a collection of dreamy, whimsical double-exposure photographs, When We Were Nature is comprised of one shot images, an impulse of the moment and situation. 


    A woman has 
    so much kindness
    joy and wildness
    in her heart

    A woman drams, loves
    cares, dares

    Some days dark
    some days bright
    she feels

    It's like
    black and white 
    lights and shadows 
    mixed together 
    now and forever


                                          - ivet butler