STAR WOMEN: Silver & Gold   is a collection of hand painted, solarized silver gelatin prints. Every photograph is accompanied by a poem, explaining who the Stars are and their purpose of being. This project was born during my wakeful nights. While I was lying on my balcony and looking up to the sky, I imaged the stars coming down in female form. The beautiful creatures, ageless, shining in gold and silver, sweet and compassionate, leading us through the darkest nights…


    For many years
    the sky has been our home
    we are in love with the world
    we always roam

    Between the fragments
    of astral dust
    we hide our age
    and all the mysteries

    We are Star Women
    your flame in the night
    We are Star Women
    loving and bright

    Our hair is luminous
    nipples on fire
    we want, we desire
    walk by your side
    as your invisible guide

    To be your soulmate
    it was meant to be
    we are here for thee
    here for thee

                            - ivet butler

    ****Star MATAHARI****

    When stars are playing their games
    and you sleep deep
    your Matahari

    come to answer your needs
    to hold you between my thighs
    touch your lips
    touch your eyes


    so you can dream about passion

    make love to someone who you desire
    and rise higher and higher


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    ****Star HVALKA****

    I cherish all huge creatures 
    of this world


    lighting their majesty
    and vigorous motion


    to them belongs my light
    to them belongs my devotion


    Star Hvalka will show you the way
    to the moon and all stars above
    with gracefulness and love

    ****Star SLNKA****


    My hands are bright

    the moon paints them always

    his strength I share with you

    in an old maze


    I, Slnka, shine for you 

    when you walk lonely


    I shine for you

    when you are the only

    who is searching

    ****Star GEVIRKA***

    In the high meadows
    I will find your shy eyes
    and follow you on roads

    which no one knows but you

    We will walk side by side
    looking for a warm place to hide


    I am your Gevirka, the Star
    if you wish to reach me
    don’t run too far


    ****Star LUPKA****

    Wild souls
    animals of pride and grace
    those who don’t know you
    want you to chase 

    You, animals
    who run mountains, hills
    woods and rivers


    Lupka knows well
    that you earned to be called winners

    The bravest you are in my light
    no one can tame you
    no one can hold you tight


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    ****Star KAHOYNKA****


    I, Kahoynka see your future
    it’s burning on my chest
    has thousands of strings
    like a spider’s nest

    Have faith in me
    I will lead you there
    where your heart should be


    We might meet confusion

    doubt or fear
    roads will be dusty
    bridges unstable and rusty

    Keep your hand in mine
    and in the end of the road
    l have a sip of wine


    ****Star STROMKA****

    I am Stromka
    your strain, your root
    I can hear your romantic whisper
    your midnight flute

    In the early morning
    when everyone else sleeps
    only for you

    I will uncover my breast
    at our secret nest

    The runic pleasures are your remedy

    for all the wounds you feel
    come closer
    I am here to heal


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    ****Star DREVKA****

    Talk to me
    tell me all about your fears


    Talk to me
    I want to hold your warm tears


    Talk to me
    until I can carry


    When dawns will paint the sky
    crystal calix will offer us sherry
    and you will say:
    “Drevka, let’s again be merry”

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    ****Star POHONKA***

    My sweetness
    will heal your old pains


    My gentleness
    will nourish your cracked skin


    My carefulness
    will help your soul grow
    with calmness and joy


    I am Pohonka
    the Star with a soft touch
    I will kiss your forehead
    when life asks from you too much


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    ****Star ERANKA****

    the smallest of the smallest

    with strength of an elephant


    I am your Star Eranka

    your admirer

    your light holder


    I will carry you on my finger tip

    on the corner of my lip



    the bravest creatures

    the magic of the cosmos


    I will swim in mud with you

    when the night is purple-blue

    ****Star FEMMKA****

    I sing la femme song

    when night sits in my bosom
    I sing for you my woman
    when there is no one to touch you
    when you feel lonesome

    cherchez la femme
    cherchez la femme

    Femmka’s lips whisper to yours

    You, the cause of all bloody wars
    You, the handle on the ancient doors
    You, the secret behind men’s tears
    You, the knife of all cut ears

    I sing la femme song
    for you, my madame
    for you, my evening bird

    who’s prayers will always be heard 

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