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Iveta Butler is a black and white film photographer, who currently lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona. Iveta was born and raised in Slovakia. After college she decided to travel and she eventually settled in Charleston, South Carolina together with her husband. Although she always loved photography, her strong passion for the art form started when she discovered the beauty of black and white film. After taking a class with an accomplished Charleston based photographer, Douglas Carr Cunningham at the Charleston Center for Photography, she soon started to work on her own projects. 


At Redux Contemporary Art Center, she collaborated with her mentor, Cunningham, for the cultural project Charleston: One City, One Soul, a project for Unity in Black & White. They showed the exhibit at various locations throughout Charleston; the Meeting Street Gallery, the Charleston Main Library and The Gaillard Center and also had exposure in newspapers and magazines; The Post and Courier, Charleston City Paper, Azalea Magazine, Beau Magazine etc.


In 2015 she partnered with two local photographers to build The Charleston Darkroom, where photo projects were created and workshops and classes were offered for heritage film photographers of all ages and experience levels. 

In Charleston, Iveta was also managing Tara Vis Gallery, a photography gallery that featured the work of photographers from all over the world and also many local and emerging photographers. The gallery also hosted fundraisers, photographer’s meetings and monthly guest speakers on a wide variety of photographic topics.


Iveta’s work was shown in various locations in Charleston, including her most recent project Super(Natural) Woman, a collection of double-exposure photographs. The project focuses on the idea of woman and her connection with inner self and nature.

Currently, Iveta is discovering the beauty of the West, falling in love with Arizona, building her first in-home darkroom and getting ideas for new upcoming projects. 



Old photographs have always invoked not only beauty but also a certain mystery and emotion in me. When I was introduced to darkroom processing and printing, I instantly knew that black and white film photography was my artistic journey. I love to be hands on with the entire process of creating. I work with medium format film cameras and 35mm film cameras. Some of my cameras provide clarity and sharpness, while others are more about simplicity, creating spontaneous, dreamy effects. In the darkroom, to express my artistic vision further, I like to do traditional printing, but also different techniques such as manipulation of chemicals on light sensitive paper, double-exposures, solarization, collaging and painting.


My images and stories are based on my inner world and things that surround me on a daily basis. The nature in me and nature around me is a significant source of inspiration for my art. As a woman and as a photographer I’m here to feel, touch, be mindful and be gentle. Through my art I am revealing joys and fears, things that push us further and things that hold us back. 

Selected Exhibitions & Articles & Others


Member of Art Intersection Gallery:

~Black and White Spider Awards - Nominee:

~Monochrome Awards: Conceptual - Honorable Mention:
~Group Exhibition at Tara Vis Gallery: "Analog Alive"
~Speech/Presentation for The Charleston Center for Photography and Professional Photographers of        South Carolina
~Solo Exhibition at Tara Vis Gallery: "Super(Natural) Woman"
~Group Exhibition at Tua Lingua Gallery

~Exhibition at Charleston Gaillard Center: Digital Presentation of "One City, One Soul"
~Group Exhibition at Tua Lingua Gallery: "Cento Art Sale"
~Article at Azalea Magazine: "One City, One Soul"
~Solo Exhibition at CunningFox Photography Education: "The Woman"

~Group Exhibition at Tua Lingua Gallery "Cinema Wasteland Art Show"
~Exhibition at Charleston County Public Library "Charleston One City, One Soul"
~Exhibition at Meeting Street Gallery " Charleston: One City, One Soul"
~Post & Courier: "Pictures of a city: Photography project of 100 portraits emphasizes unity."
~Journal Scene "One City, One Soul - Photography of Lowcountry people"
~Post & Courier: "Three photographers band together to teach their craft, offer public darkroom" 
~35mm online magazine:

~Two Person Exhibition at Susan Sanavandi Gallery "Cultural Animation"
~Charleston City Paper: "Humans of Charleston"

Books (self published)
~Super(Natural) Woman - collection of black and white film photographs, 2017
~Charleston: One City, One Soul; unity of people in black and white, 2015