SUPER(NATURAL) WOMAN is a collection of double-exposure photographs, manually crafted in the darkroom. Each photograph is one of a kind. The darkroom work is significant in this project since the double exposures were not created in the camera directly. For creating an individual double exposure print, I selected negatives (usually one negative of the model and one of nature), matching them together and exposing them separately onto light sensitive paper.

In Super(Natural) Woman my main focus is the woman and her connection with nature. As we all come from nature and belong to nature, we are looking for a connection with it, as it is one of the most significant sources of energy and inspiration. Through nature we are able to reconnect with ourselves. 

I started this project with a certain idea and as the body of work was growing, I realized many things that I had not fully realized before. My main realization was how the elements of nature live within each of us and how vital it is to invite them into our lives and understand their energy. I’ve learned how important it is to treasure nature within us by reconnecting or searching for our inner needs, not only when we are around nature but anywhere and anytime. To find peaceful moments during busy days, not forgetting to give ourselves the love and care we deserve, or simply to look around with no judgement, with open hearts and minds. Most of the time, things which on the first glance seem easy and maybe unimportant, happen to be the most powerful and complex. This project is ongoing as it is about realization and growth. 




Super(Natural) Woman - 
a world of heights, wild winds and warm sun
a world of free essence and clear mind
a world where your smile heats the mornings
a world where your heart is kind”


“…and never forget to dream
about Mermaids in the morning ocean steam

Fairies dancing on the wet grass around the trees
falling down on their white knees

Amazons fighting with wildness
their faces full of strength and proudness

Mothers of tribes
their energy and earthy vibes

Women of everyday life
your mother, sister, daughter, wife

Never forget to dream about them
as a part of the ocean, river, tree or clay

…never forget to dream, thank and pray.”

                                                               - ivet butler

Z Kridel (From The Wings)
In the Atmospehre
V Kridlach (In The Wings)
Owl's Gift
In My Heart
Slow Disappearing
Woman Anhinga
Hunting Eyes
Be aware
Ups & Downs
Complete Exposure
Last Glance
"I will cary you..."
In The Sunflower's Afternoon
In Thorns
From Thorns
In Dreams
All We Know About Dreams
The Peacock Queen
Bond I.
Bond II.
Immersed In You
In My Skin
I Am Here
"I will expose..."
Her Spirit
The Queen of Shadows
The Mother
I Have My Dreams
"I will follow you..."
Beautiful Soul
"The Day I Showed You My Mind..."
"When My Jaws Came Out"
Curiosity I.
Curiosity II.
Revelation I.
Reflection I.
Reflection II.
Déjà Vu