TWELVE is a mixed-media project comprised of silver-gelatin, hand painted photographs.
The photographs are accompanied by short poems which unveil a relationship in twelve stages.


simple understanding
warmth we want to embrace but also give
dreams we carry with us every day
waves of joy and doubts
early mornings and late afternoons
you & me standing in this world naked 

and feeling everything we desire to feel


1. E X P L O S I O N

then I saw her light hair
and I became alive again”

/she remembers/

2. A T O M S

Every cell is longing to connect
with mosses, sun, hair, lips 

stunning nipples, splendid hips
/pure desire
purity in desire/


3. C R E A T I O N
Something is happening
something different
something big
swaying like a delicate twig
/believe it/

4. E D E N

It takes courage to walk into the garden
it takes courage to bite the apple
taste it with relish

bite it for a taste of mortality 

it takes courage to do this act of freedom
and /not to betray yourself/

5. O L Y M P U S

Do they tell you to go east?
go west then…

sing your voice
paint your choice

6. R E F L E C T I O N

Their minds joined 
so naturally
and quiet 

like a seed joins the dirt

with lightness

without being hurt

7. F A I T H

They sing a song every morning 

like birds do
to celebrate
to feel
a new day is their old religion
/to heal the real/


8. T R U S T

In the mist of the acts
their hearts have grown
covered in gentleness
existing far away from words

9. L O V E
the table has crystal stars 
they seem brighter
the table has cracks 
they seem
you are sitting next to me

and your smile makes me
/what comes first
trust or love?/

10. R E A L I T Y

cobwebs are delicate 

the sun can burn them easily

and lift the ash to lost burrows

it’s hard to dream/

11. D R E A M

I'm holding your breath

in my palm
warm and tender like your body
when you turn your attention 

to my side of the bed
/dream or reality?/

12. T I M E

The horizon at the end of the day
feeds our dreams 

all creatures are on our side

covered in purple 

they are pointing sharp fingers into